Rituals and Regular Meetings

Each team starts the day with a Daily Stand Up (DSM). Some end the day with it. Here are a few other things we discuss as a group:

  1. We have product requirement review meetings as and when PRDs are ready. We keep this to 30 min; and another 30 min for questions.
  2. Every week, we discuss a forthcoming module or microservice and its architecture.
  3. Each team runs their sprints spanning 2 weeks. Sprint planning is a constant affair - because planning never stops. Our sprint meetings are sprint “discussions”. We plan ahead and discuss once in two weeks what we will work on as a team.

Every team, sometimes a couple of teams together, get together weekly or fortnightly to grab a beer (or a Redbull, depending on preference) and relax on Fridays. Best we can do while we are all remote! Join us, and you will hear stories from some of the Livspace Engineering relics about chai drinking at Pappu Chai Wala.