Livspace Platform

At our core, we are a tech-first company, focussing on building a three-way platform for


  • Homeowners who want a one-stop-destination and crave inspiration, trust, transparency in price, timelines and quality
  • Designers and contractors who need steady income, software tools & a predictable supply chain
  • Brands, OEMs, manufacturers who want to sell more to customers who are looking for interior solutions

Our core is just that - a platform; it is not a single toolkit, but a collection of toolkits on a singular platform. Think of us as an operating system, but for interior design and home renovation.

What we have built over the past 6 years, is an end-to-end set of toolkits for various stakeholders:

  • End-to-end tools for interiors designers: ideas, 2D/3D design, integrated chat, shopping cart creation, payments and order management
  • End-to-end tools for contractors, project managers and home improvement professionals to deliver predictable fulfilment
  • Deep integration with existing catalogues, brands, OEMs and retailers

Check out our tech stack!

And there is a long way to go!

Here’s what we are working towards

  • One-stop shop for all things home
    • Build a highly engaging and visual destination for homeowners as they go through various phases of the home improvement and renovation journey from inspiration to purchase
    • Omnichannel experiences backed by the largest network of trusted interior designers, vendors and contractors
  • Platform to empower interior designers and general contractors design and deliver homeowners' dream homes predictably at scale
    • Professional-quality InstantQuotes create stunning proposals, in minutes, through integration with existing catalogues, brands, OEMs and retailers along with integrated chat, payments and order management
    • Simplified activity-level tracking with in-app task assignment and tracking for last-mile workforce shared with customers realtime