Product Management

Product management at Livspace operates in an agile and iterative fashion with a strong emphasis on experiment and data-driven approach. These are the three tenets of product management at Livspace:

  1. Deep understanding of user needs translating into high-impact feature bundles
  2. The right balance between long-term strategic investments and pressing user needs, sponsored by business teams
  3. Constant alignment of stakeholders with clear lines of communication

We experiment fast and scale faster on identifying PMF. While we are constantly testing various tools and evolving as we grow, we currently use a wide variety of tools depending on the need including:

  • JIRA for end-to-end project management
  • Confluence for documentation
  • Apptimize for A/B testing
  • QuickSight for data analytics
  • Figma for prototyping and user testing
  • Intercom for product support
  • Slack for everything in between