Software Development

Here’re the various things the software development team works on at Livspace:

  1. Frontend Engineering: React, Vue, even a one-off project in AngularJs for framework based codebases. Aside from this, we have built a framework for composing micro-frontends, Locust.

  2. Backend Engineering: python, java, nodejs, go; backed with MySQL and PostgreSQL RDBMSes, MongoDb and Elasticsearch for document stores, Neo4j for graph storage, redis for caching and single-thread writes, and rabbitmq for anything AMQP. Plus a graphql server developed using apollo. Zeebe is used as workflow engine for microservices orchestration.

  3. Mobile development: ReactNative, Firebase

  4. Microservices communicate over HTTP as well as gRPC(which uses HTTP/2 to support highly performant and scalable APIs). The microservices are monitored through logs, metrices using Grafana’s Loki and Prometheus and traced using jaeger.

  5. Infrastructure: All this hosted on AWS, served using kubernetes, with a superb CI/CD platform in devtron. Datalake is used as centralized repository that stores all structured and unstructured data.