How we hire our team


We have a consistent hiring philosophy that we use across all roles. Our values describe what we look for in people. Depending on the role and the level of seniority, we interpret the values differently - documented in detail in our progression framework - but they are still the same values. Beyond that, we have a few principles that guide hiring.


We hire people smarter than us

This is kind of obvious, we feel! We look for talented folks, but importantly also those who are motivated to push their boundaries constantly.

We prefer lean, powerful teams (somewhere someone is screaming AGILE!)

Great products are often built by small teams. Growing the team often means adding overhead and taking away spontaneity, speed and creativity. We are trying to stay as small as we can because we want to stay fast and effective. In short, we optimise for the density of talent, not the volume.

We hire keeping leadership in mind

Leaderhip=/=Management. We expect leadership qualities at every level of seniority. Be it taking responsibility for end to end delivery of small tasks, or leading architectures, or driving cross-team product releases.