Onboarding is always a critical process, more so when everything is remote. We put a lot of thought into how we onboard new joiners into the fold, keeping a few things in mind:

Easing in: prior to joining, various members of the team, from senior developers to heads of engineering, have discussions with the new joiners about how our work ethic, work culture, the tech stack, expectations, among other things. Maybe when things open up again, during a nice lunch!

Comprehensive: onboarding is not just about your tasks, but getting to know the company, the people behind it, the values and the product. So our onboarding process covers all these things to make sure that you really feel connected and a full member of the team. On the date of joining, HR provides a thorough walkthrough of the policies, values, and the business.

Production in a few weeks: for software developers, we have a lofty goal for new joiners. Push to production in less than a month. We have a well-understood framework for this and have successfully managed to do so for all our recent joiners. The quickest was 1 week!

Document, document, document: We value documentation, at every step of the way. Code documentation, product documentation, change documentation, decision documentation. Even onboarding documentation.